Dress Code & Policies

Dress Code

Students must follow the dress code to dance in class.


  • Hair in a classical ballet bun.

  • Black leotard with no skirt or embellishments attached

  • Long sleeve wrap-around sweater for winter (reccomended)

  • Pink ballet tights

  • Pink ballet shoes, leather, not satin


***Please do not wear jewelry of any kind: watches, necklaces, bracelets, rings, or earrings (Exception: studs are                 acceptable). Also, please, no bows or extra embellishments in the hair.


A. Payments are to be made by the 1st of each month, except for first payment due with registration.  Cash, payments on Venmo (to Andrea Lagodny), or checks are accepted. Checks made payable to Andrea Lagodny.

B. $5 Late Fee will be added to tuition if not received by the 10th of the month.

C. Students must follow the dress code to dance in class.

D. Please arrive for class 5- 10 minutes before start time, and be dressed with bun done, shoes on, and ready to go at starting time. Also, make sure the student has used the restroom before class begins, especially for the Preschool, Pre-Primary, and Primary classes. 

E. For Parents and students: No shoes worn outside will be allowed on the main studio floor- sneakers, flip-flop, boots, etc. Note: Please do not allow your student to wear ballet shoes outside (for example, from car to studio or from studio to restroom). This is to keep their shoes nice, and the studio floor cleaner. Thank you!

F. For the safety of the students, tardiness to class is highly discouraged. If the student is more than 15 minutes late to class, they will not be allowed to participate (unless approved, at the discretion of the teacher).

G. Attendance leading up to Recital and Exams is critical for the student’s success. If the student misses classes in the 4 weeks prior to Recital or the 4 weeks prior to Exams, it will be under the teacher’s discretion to decide if the student is prepared for the performance or exam, and the student may not be allowed to participate.

H. Please notify the teacher of upcoming absences at least a week in advance, or of absence due to sickness the day of class, as soon as possible.

I. In case of inclement weather, I will send an email and post on Ever Be Facebook page (www.facebook.com/everbeballet) any cancellation of classes or delays, as soon as it is decided, at least 1 hour before scheduled class times.

J. There will be no Make-Up classes for cancelled classes due to weather, unless the class is prior to recital or exam. Cancelled classes prior to Recital will be decided on a case by case basis, and held if needed. Cancelled classes in the 4 weeks prior to exams will be made up, and the Make-Up class day and time announced at that time.

K. If a class is cancelled with no make-up class scheduled, the next month’s tuition will be reduced by $6 for 30 minute class, $8 for 45 minute class, and $10 for hour class.

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