Class Schedule & Tuition

Class Descriptions

This is a 9-month program beginning in September that progresses towards Exams (for Primary and above) in March and then to a Recital for all levels in late May or early June.

Class Descriptions for Sept.- May:

A) Preschool Ballet: 30 min./ week, for 3-5 years old

B) Pre-Primary Ballet: 45 min./ week, for 6-7 year olds

C) Primary Ballet: 1 hr/ week, for 8+ year olds (beginners)

D) Grade 1: 1.25 hr*/ week, Pre-requisite is Primary Ballet exam or placement by director (for new students with previous ballet training).

E) 13+ yrs Beginners Ballet

2.25 hr*/ week, progresses from Primary work to Grade 2, to build a strong foundation. Students take Grade 2 exam.

-At this time, there is not a separate class time. Please contact me at to discuss which classes your beginning teenager would be taking. 

F) Grade 2 Ballet: 2.25 hr*/ week,  Pre-requisite is Grade 1 exam or placement by director (for new students with previous ballet training).

G) Grade 3 Ballet: 2.25 hr*/ week,  Pre-requisite is Grade 2 exam or placement by director (for new students with previous ballet training).

* For Grade 1-3 & 13+ Beginners Ballet Classes pay tuition without adding in the extra quarter hour. So, a flat 1 or 2 hours on the tuition schedule.

Class Schedule


Update: (9/3/20)

Due to low enrollment, we will be unable to hold classes at this time. Sorry, for the inconvenience!

Tentative Class Schedule

Monday Classes:

Grade 2 Ballet-

3:00pm- 4:00pm

Preschool Ballet-

4:00pm- 4:30pm

Pre-Primary Ballet-

4:30pm- 5:15pm

Grade 4 Ballet-


Thursday Classes:

Grade 4 Ballet-



Primary Ballet-


Grade 2 Ballet-


Holidays/ No Classes:

Thanksgiving Break: November 23rd- 27th

Christmas Break:

December 21st- January 1st

January Bonus Break:

January 18th-22nd

Spring Break:*

March 22nd- 26th

*Exams will be held March 22nd, during Spring Break

To register for classes click: HERE



Tuition is due the 1st of each month. (First payment is due with registration.)

Late Fee: $5 added to monthly tuition if not paid by the 10th of each month.

Payment by cash, Venmo, or check made to Andrea Lagodny.

Monthly tuition is per student (not total hours/ family), and is based on the total course cost over 9 months, split up evenly between the months, meaning the monthly cost is the same even if there is a different number of weeks or holidays during the month.

Monthly Tuition for Sept.- May:

30 min./ week - $31/ month

45 min./ week - $44/ month

1 hr./ week - $53/ month

1 1/2 hr./ week- $71/ month

2 hr./ week- $89/ month

2 1/2 hr./ week- $106/ month

3 hr./ week- $120/ month

3 1/2 hrs./ week- $133/ month

4+ hrs./ week- $146/ month

Fees TBA: There will be a Recital Fee, but I will do my best to keep the cost minimal.


Also, there are exam fees due before exams in March, all of which are determined by and go to the Examiner. (Preschool and Pre-Primary Levels do not take exams.)

Free Trial Class

Wanting to check out a class before enrolling? Send an email to, and your student will be able to take 1 class for free.

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